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~ filled with determination ~


Custom Box Header Art Status by Dri-Bee

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Annoying Dog by Kawiku

~ the world we live in ~


Demon flower AKA Flowey by ademon123

Kazza ● Susierians ● Nastrians ● Gurastans ● Forestrians ● Koirians ● Castrillians ● Dragastans ● Zelestians ● Tiritaniians ● Lubriscians ● Skirlains ● Jiira ● Abraxens ● Yistrautians ● Traquanians ● Astinarians ● Narqs ● Kaiyans ● Iolites


King: Deyva
Queen: Candika


Leader: God

T H E || F A L L E N

Leader: Lucifer

T H E || D E L L ' A R I A

Captain: Phoenix


Captain: Dax Velairn


Captain: Toumoro Blackburn

T H E || A R A C H N I D S

Leader: Shax

E L I T N I || R A T N I K

Leader: Leine


Captain: Occura and Domingo

M O O N || C L A N

Leader: Falconstar

S U N || C L A N

Leader: Dreamstar

Rand ● Reti ● Tabbai ● Krystal ● Dena ● Natalie ● Larina

Amrita ● Arminda ● Aviva ● Aleta ● Alexin ● Adira ● Anka

Erd ● Bleu ● Rangoe ● Purlep ● Yowlel ● Kinp ● Ergen ● Blaight

~ otp's ~


A R T A I R || T H O R N E

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Status - Thorne wants Arts d.
Anniversary - 19th January
These two met when Artair was hired by Falk to be one of his guards to look after the man's slaves. After seeing Artair have sex with Ivo, another guard, Thorne desperately wanted him. After being rejected because of Artair's fear for losing his job, Thorne spikes his drink with alcohol, knowing he succumbs to his sexual urges when he is drunk. Artair doesn't mind too much and the two have so much fun that it leads to them having an affair in secret. However, when Artair finds himself growing feelings for Thorne he becomes more scared to be caught, which they eventually are. Artair leaves due to guilt of 'betraying' Falk, the man who is more like a father to him than his ever was. Thorne is utterly depressed and heart broken, and eventually he and Falk go to find Artair, scolding him for not taking care of himself due to his depression of losing Thorne. They convince him he did no wrong, and Falk tells him he wants Thorne and he to be happy... and to live with him, where they will always be safe.
First words exchanged - “TBA.”
-- TBA
Sons - Laith, Arian
Daughters - Anthea Caitra
Pets - None

"I love you so much, you know. I'd die a million times over for you. I've never once stopped caring for you, and I never will. Please try to remember these words if I ever do something stupid again. I am a bit of a bonehead..."

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D A X || S W E E T P E A

Commission - DreamersArcadia part 1 by Kawaii-YellowLuigi

Status - Denying they are dating.
Anniversary - 17th July
Air pirate meets water pirate. Dax meets Sweetpea when he attempts to take her in for the bounty on her head, but it all turns tits up when he becomes the prisoner. He is forced to join the Temujin crew in order to preserve his life, but it turns out he actually quite likes these people. Despite his efforts to leave, he finds himself staying as part of their crew, it making him happier than he has ever been in his entire life. Not that he or Sweetpea are ready to admit out loud that they love each other, or that they are happy. Even though the entire crew can tell.
First words exchanged - “Whadda we have here?”
-- Dax
Sons - None
Daughters - None
Pets - Guiseppe

“When we find my ship, would it be okay if I just… don't leave?”

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Z E V L I N || R O H A N

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Status - Napping together, probably.
Anniversary - 15th August
Both Zevlin and Rohan spent the first years of their lives all alone, parents absent in some way and not able to make friends. Until they met each other. They instantly clicked and finally neither was lonely any more. They spent the majority of their lives being inseparable as best friends until they moved into a dormitory together. Zevlin always knew he loved Rohan, but he didn't want to mess anything up. However, when Rohan confessed he liked him, he couldn't keep it to himeself, admitting his own feelings. Both of them just take life as it comes, knowing each other inside out. They wouldn't trade each other in for anything.
First words exchanged - "H-hey... can I eat lunch with you?"
-- Rohan
Sons - None
Daughters - None
Pets - TBA (Cat and dog)

"I kept him safe before, and you can be damned that I'll do it again."

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U L R I C || Z A N I E L

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Status - Married
Anniversary - May 11th
These two men didn't have the best meeting of all time. They met in a club where Zaniel's friends had forced him to be. Ulric used his power as a bouncer to pull Zaniel out back and forced himself on the young man. Zaniel was lucky enough to not have anything happen to him, and some time he met Ulric again due to the scary man's secret job as an agent for Hidden White. Ulric saved Zaniel, but the boy was taken and used as bait. He managed to save Zaniel before he died from a stab wound, and afterwards the boy developed feelings for him. For a while he thought it was just stockholm syndrome, but after everything they have been through now, Zaniel know's he loves Ulric and wants to be with him forever.
First words exchanged - “Come with me.”
-- Ulric
Sons - None
Daughters - Safina Rae
Pets - Loki and Cotton

"Stay with me, forever? I won't run away... so don't leave either."

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A Z A Z E L || Z A N E

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Status - Dating
Anniversary - October 13th
These two met when Zane started following Azazel, curious and interested in what and who he was. Azazel however, caught on instantly and told him to leave. Zane didn't take no for an answer, too hung up on his curiosity of the strange man. He began to follow Azazel around constantly, despite being told to stop. Eventually Azazel warmed up to him and let him stick around. The two grew closer, and after attacks from both angels and demons, they finally realised how the other felt about them. Azazel is determined to protect Zane and to make him happy, and Zane is determined to make up for all the hardships that Azazel has ever been through.
First words exchanged - "Why are you following me, human?"
-- Azazel
Sons - Marek
Daughters - Future
Pets - Future

"I didn't want to leave you... I just didn't want to lose you."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

S K Ä R || T A K U

Status - Dating
Anniversary - August 9th
These two met when Skär and his sister were messing around on a set that Taku was working on. Taku was dismissive, but Skär was too mezmirized by his perfect ass to let him escape. After some flustered annoyance, Taku tried to rid himself of the siblings but Skär decided to hound him like a puppy wanting steak. After an incident, Taku finally let Skär in and they have only grown closer since. They have to overcome many an obstacle, but in the end, they will live an immortal life together.
First words exchanged - “We need these. Stop throwing them.”
-- Taku
Sons - None
Daughters - Téa
Pets - None

"And that's my most favourite smile of all... your trying-not-to-smile smile."

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~ greetings humans ~


Welcome Free To Use by xC0DE666x
Chibi: Ethan by Zenngu
Hiya, my name is Kate!
I'm a 22 year old, tea loving British girl who loves to create, create, create! Whether that be by methods of drawing or writing, I try to do my best. My mind never stops thinking and I am always thinking of new worlds, races, characters etc etc. Even in my dreams!

I'm an aspiring novelist who is trying her best through the daily struggles of society such as a busy job and being invisible in the shadows of popular artists.

There isn't much to know about me other than I am friendly unless you do something that warrants a sarcastic or blunt response c:

Please enjoy your time here and feel free to take a look at my gallery. I know I'm not the best artist in the world, but I always put in my all and appreciate every comment, favourite and watch that I receive.

I'm very slow, but I always try to reply to comments that I get! <3

Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco Introverted ~ Sensing ~ Feeling ~ Percieving Bullet - Kitty - by CutieChoco

friends are inspirations stamp by piijeniusthank you! stamp by piijenius

Impossible is just a word to let people feel good about themselves when they quit.

~ on days like these, kids like you... ~


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NYEH HEH HEH! by Drawn-Mario

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Drop Pop candy with Sans and Papyrus Duo Icon by Bloody-Uragiri
Please don't thank me for watches, favourites or llama's.
Instead, use your time to make more wonderful things that I can see!

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Disclaimer: The textures I use are by galaxiesanddust, sanami276, kime-stock & WebTreatsETC


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